A “Smart” Way to Home

HomeSmart Heritage Realty Office

December 12th, 2019 | Author: Kathryn Hook

As we approach the New Year, year 2020 we reflect on one of our most anticipated “top secret” projects of 2019. In October we broke ground on not only one of our biggest projects to date, but the most transformative yet. Our client asked us to transform his office space into a fresh, modern, co-working space that would pay homage to the history of the building and feel like “home” to their potential clients. Let’s take a quick look at the mood board before we jump into the design concept.

HomeSmart Heritage Realty is a brokerage firm owned by our multitalented client, Jason Araujo. It was important to our client that we maintained the authenticity of the parent brand HomeSmart. We matched the vibrant reds and partnered it with classic white, neutral grey with black accents.

Design Concept

The HomeSmart Heritage Realty office resides on the lower level of a threestory building on North Main Street in Falls River, MA. The building itself was home to a popular theatre, called Bijou Theatre in the 1900’s. It has since experienced several renovations but some of the original elements remain. In order for the space to be functional for this innovative realty office it needed to provide a reception area, personal offices for the lender and lawyer, as well as a co-working space for brokers and agents. In addition there is also a conference room as well. It was important that each room felt cohesive, yet private.


The reception area, conference room, and two of the three offices have these beautiful laminate wood floors. We chose something that felt warm but still complemented the neutral grey toned walls.


Aside from paint and building walls one of the fastest ways to update the era of any room is lighting. We chose these sleek, linear and geometric suspension overhead lights that we absolutely love! They’re the perfect amount of lighting and genuinely an art piece all on their own.

Accent Furniture

We’ve maintained the “modern” theme across the entire office space. Using glass furniture that compliments the glass used to divide the lenders office and interior windows. Consistency is key in this era of accent furniture so we chose furniture that felt retro-modern, classic, comfortable, functional, and still funky!

Custom Art

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money. And that is sincerity and integrity.” – Douglas Adams

At the request of our client we created a custom wall art piece that is the backdrop of the co-working space. The piece features a quote by Douglas Adams hand-painted on acrylic and mounted with stainless steel standoffs. The installation lends to a three-dimensional experience with a pixelated explosion behind the quote.

In addition to the co-working space, the conference room also gets a custom conference table built with two large live-edge pieces of wood. With a two inch thickness, the table resembles a red river poured with colored epoxy. This piece was designed and crafted by our Owner, Josh West. He is also customizing accent furniture for both the conference room and co-working space.

Lastly, the HomeSmart Heritage Realty office is in partnership with our new Art Program. Our featured artists are Anthony Salemme and Sherie Bishop Harkins. We chose their work to be on display in this office. Sherie’s work will be installed down the long hallway painted with the bright fire engine red background. Anthony’s abstract art will be the focal point of the conference room.